Thursday, April 29, 2010

Everyone here is excited to have more


Thank you for the cards.  We've been a bit busy so I've not had time to order them.  I know everyone here is excited to have more.  I received the cards about 4 days ago but because I've been busy with getting mail in and out to the guys I've had to wait until today to set them out.

You have a card on the way, thanking you also. 

I was looking at one of the cards and it is from Carol in Peoria, AZ.  My dad lives in Peoria.  The family and I took a trip out there before we deployed so I could see him.  I'm hoping to go back again once we get done with this deployment.

Thank you again.


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Anonymous said...

How about that! Glad to know that they look at who sends them. Carol in Peoria