Monday, February 22, 2010

A much bigger difference than some might realize

Good morning!!

My boyfriend is a MAJ in the AF, serving as a nurse at Camp [X] in Afghanistan, and I am sending him my very first batch of cards this week.  It's only about 35 cards, but his team is small, so it'll get them started, at least.  I'll keep making them and sending them--it's tremendous fun for me!

I learned of your organization when I started receiving Valentines Day cards from Bill with your logo on them.  He was able to pick up Valentines Day cards at another base while he was traveling further down range, so I've been the beneficiary of several BEAUTIFUL cards!  They have meant so much to me that I wanted to help others back home have the same experience.  So all my scrapbooking supplies are getting put to great use once again.

Thanks for doing everything you're doing!!  It makes a much bigger difference than some might realize to get a hand written card from your loved one 8,000 miles away.

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