Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thanks to people like YOU, we can keep performing our mission

I just wanetd to take this time to thank you for your wonderful care package. It means so much to us that you have taken the time to keep us in mind over here, and to send us just a little taste of home. I can't een begin to tell you how much it means to us. I love to see the faces of the Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines that I share the packages with. It is almost like Christmas all over again when we get our shipment of mail in. People crowd around our offices and watch as we open things up. We make sure to share all of the packages that we receive not only with the Soldiers on base, but also the coalition forces that are here providing security for us at the gates. It makes their day when we come by to check on them, bringing them wonderful surprises. A lot of the coalition forces come from very poverty-stricken backgrounds, so we like to help them out whenever we can.

I would also like to say sorry that it took so long to get this thank you card out. The mail system here is ridiculously slow. It takes us over a month sometimes to even receive the packages sent to us, and then at least three weeks for our cards to make it to you. We just want you to know that what you ahve done is appreciated because it is YOU that is making a difference in our lives every day. Thanks to people like YOU, we can keep performing our mission, knowing that there are those still in the world that are back home supporting us. So THANK YOU for what you do for us!


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