Saturday, January 2, 2010

Please keep up the great work

This is from our hero, Eileen, who received cards while deployed, then was injured in a traffic accident once she got back to the States. We sent her a box with thank-you cards to use, as well as a lot of AnyHero cards for her!

Sandy just wanted to tell you that the thank you cards that were sent to me were great and the written get well cards were great too. They picked me up when I was home from the hospital. My suggestion is that if you write a short note to the soldiers it would be nice if you put a return address on your card, maybe they will write back. When I received cards and packages (I was on and I received lots of things for the people and I wrote back to everyone that wrote me just like I am doing with the get well cards that I received during my accident.The cards are beautiful and I love sharing them with friends and family. Please keep up the great work that you all do with this website.

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