Thursday, January 28, 2010

Keeps the morale of our soldiers extremely high

I'd like to order another box of cards. We received a box a few weeks ago with the valentines cards. We kept a few cards for our unit then we divided it up and sent the rest of the cards to soldiers at smaller locations with less rescouces. I would like to do this again, if possible. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and it keeps the morale of our soldiers extremely high. We appreciate your support of our unit. Additionally, many soldiers have asked what they can do to support your organization. Many have asked if they can make monetary donations to help with the postage, etc. Thank you again!


*Note: we replied that these are a gift, so we don't want our heroes having to pay for their own cards...but they can send pictures! :)


Andrea M. said...

Good response! We love pictures!

Erica Ellis said...

Great response! I think pictures are a great "payment" for the cards that are sent.

SuzAnn said...

Pictures are priceless and very motivating for more cards!

Erica said...

Please tell them the cardmakers LOVE when we get pictures.