Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Give the cards out on Christmas Day

Thank you so much for the additional box of cards. I just received them today and me and another lady are going to give them out on Christmas  day. Also, the AAFES Manger, E.K., will be here on Fenty for another two years. She is a wonderful lady who, through losing her husband in Iraq several years ago, her son in Iraq this past June, and both her parents this year, still has a bright and wonderful smile. She loves supporting the troops and is a retired Major herself. She said she would be honored to distribute any cards you may like to send her. You can send them to her at the same address you have been sending them to me. The next box you send, we are going to get them to the soldiers that are down range in small camps, where they have virtually nothing.

When we give the cards out on Christmas Day, we'll take pictures and share with your group so you can enjoy the joy the soldiers feel.

This is my 4th and final deployment before I go home and prepare to retire. I will miss what I do here, and the soldiers that show huge appreciation for the little things we do for them.

Again, thank you and your group and a special thanks to Gretta P*, who started this whole thing for Camp Fenty, Afghanistan. She's a sweetheart!


*Greta is one of our cardmakers who requested cards for her friends!

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