Monday, November 16, 2009

So unique and so special!

Sandy and all those at Operation Write Home:

I can't say enough thanks for the AMAZING box of cards you sent! I'm soooo impressed! We often get care packages of candy or hygiene items, but your box of cards was so unique and so special! As a woman (and a crafty one at that) I might have been the most excited one here, but we have 600 Marines and Sailors here who also very much appreciate what you do! We have a few blank cards out here tosend home for occasions, but very few and most are very simple.

Things in Iraq are calming down and the Marines are winding down our mission here. We expect to be here at least a few more months, but then we'll shift our entire attention to Afghanistan. The desert has turned form blazing heat to chilly nights. Halloween was uneventful but I'm already looking forward to a nice Thanksgiing feast out here.

Thank you again for your support. We would be happy for any cards your group sends!

Semper Fi,
Lt N.C.

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