Monday, November 2, 2009

From a hero's Mom!

Two emails from a hero's Mom:
Good morning,

I spoke to my son last week, who is currently stationed in Iraq, and he asked me if I had received his greeting card, compliments of your wonderful organization, unfortunately I had to say no!

Well I got home that night and there were 2 beautiful cards waiting for me, one from my son and one from one of his battle buddies.

First, allow me to thank you for this wonderful gift that your organization not only gives to "Our Brave Soldiers" but also to their families.

My son, SPC P.T., is stationed in Camp Taji, and he said he may have recently been featured on your newsletter or website but I cannot find him and wondered if I have the correct website?

With sincere gratitude, D.T.

Second email, after we sent her to the photos blog posts:

Oh, how WONDERFUL, I found him.  There were 2 photos!  A hundred thanks.  I will look over your website and see what I CAN DO to help with such a worthwhile organization.   Sincerely, D.T.  :)

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