Monday, November 30, 2009

Best gift they could have received!

From a cardmaker who requested cards for her hero friend:

I just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude for sending cards to my friend, K.B.  She emailed me today and was just about speechless!  She said the cards were wonderful.  She kept a few and gave the others to the Chaplain to hand out, a few Air Force folks came by and took a few and said they were the best gift they could have received!!!  It just about made my cry!!!

Please keep cards going to the Jalalabad Air Field, Afghanistan!!!  Thanks again and I’ll be getting more cards to you after the first of the year.

By the way, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Greta P, Milford, OH.

We'd love to get another box!!

Hi there... we just received the box of cards yesterday (the 29th) and the Soldiers LOVED them!! there may be 25 left. And that's without one of the platoons in the company not getting any yet. We'd love to get another box!! I've really talked up cards going home as a more personal way of keeping in touch; rather than the internet all of the time. And the Soldiers are all over it and EXCITED about making their loved ones excited too. Thank you again for all you do for us!!
2LT C.L.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Photo from Iraq

A beautiful rack for your beautiful cards

Attached you will find photos of the beautiful rack that was made for us by one of our very talented service members. A beautiful rack for your beautiful cards :)
You can't see it very well, but each slot has a laminated label e.g. Christmas, Sympathy, I Love You, etc.

With warmest regards,


Friday, November 27, 2009

You will no doubt have a lasting effect

On behalf of the XXX Air Expeditionary Wing chapel, I would like to thank you for your support of our outreach programs through your gift of handmade greeting cards. Our outreach programs have been tailored to support our men and women serving in the armed forces as well as assisting in our continuing efforts to help and aid the people of Afghanistan. Your contributions will help to boost morale, improve the quality of life here in Afghanistan and will no doubt have a lasting effect. Once again your gifts are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful gesture.

--MAJ A.C.

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello All,

Happy Thanksgiving.  I have attached some pictures of my team and I having Thanksgiving dinner at FOB Joyce in Afghanistan.  Hope the pictures find you all well and well fed from your Turkey day.

           - Respectfully,
                   1LT W.L.

How happy we are!!

Good evening Sandy,

I got the package of beautiful cards yesterday! How happy we are!!! I am still in the same battalion so they just held it for me until we came back from leave. We are almost out of here so please do not send anymore boxes because we will not have a unit take our place and I would not want those cards getting lost. :(

Sandy, thank you so much for all the cards, coffee, that gorgeous banner, and all the SUPPORT you provided to us during this rotation. You are a saint and we sure appreciate all your thoughts and actions. I hope you have a lovely holiday season and get some rest as well! I would love to remain on your penpal list when you have an inkling...I have included my home address (should be there at the end of January) just in case. :) SMILE

Love always,

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Words STILL cannot express how impressive these cards are

Thanks again, these cards are fantastic. I have begun to look forward to getting these boxes from you. Words STILL cannot express how impressive these cards are. Our Deputy Commander heard about them, went to choose some, only to find they were all gone. That was this morning, just as your box arrived, right on time. I have attached a few pictures of myself opening your first box with my SGT, Master Sergeant R.V.

Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving!


It really keeps their spirits up to get cards from Daddy

I just wanted to thank you. My husband is currently deployed overseas and he just sent home cards from your organization to our children and they loved them. It really keeps their spirits up to get cards from Daddy as well as his for being able to do it. Thank you again.


I just received the box yesterday and am already almost out

 Thank you so much for the sending the box of cards! They are truly unique and lovely! I have shared with many of my Soldiers and fellow staff and everyone comments on how creative they are. It is going to be so fun to send cards to everyone for the holiday. They won't be expecting such fun Christmas cards, especially from Iraq. All of the volunteers should know that we love the cards and enjoy sending them back to friends and family. Because our letter mail is free it makes it even more special to send notes to those that we love more often than we may have without the cards.

I just received the box yesterday and am already almost out. We would love to receive another box after the New Year if that is possible. Easter and Valentine's Day will be coming and I would love to send cards out again.

Once again, to you and the many artists and volunteers, Thank you!!!
1Lt M.W.

I think this is an awesome program

Hello, my name is TSgt B.G. and I did receive the box of cards on November 25th. I really appreciate the box of cards and I think this is an awesome program. I know I enjoy writing and my family and friends enjoy receiving cards from my while I am deployed. I will pass the cards out to others and I know they will enjoy writing in this awesome cards. It is awesome that we have individuals like you because it takes alot of time out of your busy day to make the cards. We currently have about 200 individuals at my location. I would appreciate receiving another box of cards. I will be here until March time frame. Thanks again for the support, we all appreciate it. I also sent a thank you card in the mail and I had them made through Snapfish.
TSgt B.G.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It must have taken forever

Thank you so very, very much for all the beautiful handmade cards you sent us. A LOT of people will be able to take advantage of your generosity and send their family and friends greetings. I can't thank you enough. And they're all so beautiful and unique! It must have taken forever to make all those. I snagged a handful for myself but will definitely share the rest. We really appreicate your support.

*This note is especially wonderful - this Major said that someone had sent "busdriver" cards - and he sounds pretty happy with the selection we've sent instead! :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

She was so thrilled!!!

From a cardmaker who signed up her hero friends:

I just had to write, my friend, K.P., is serving in Afghanistan.  When I sent my Christmas cards to you for Operation Write Home, I had asked that some cards be sent to K. and my friend K.B.

I received an email from K.P. today and she received a box of cards, she said there must have been about 500 cards.  She was so thrilled!!!

I just wanted to say thank you!!!!
G.P., Milford OH

Staying in touch with family, friends, and loved ones

On behalf of my unit, I'd like to thank you and your volunteers
for taking time to make the greeting cards that was sent to us. You've
made it that much easier for us to stay in touch with family, friends
and loved ones. Behind every great Army stands a great country. Please
express our thanks and gratitude to your volunteers. Thanks again!

---SFC E.V.

Brings her joy to know that there are people who care

Well it is probably late evening for you, but I wanted to get this email to you just as promptly as your organization sent the box of cards. All I can say is WOW!!!! I was so amazed at the quality and assortment of the cards.

Our soldiers are going to be so happy about the assortment and the quality. Many of our soldiers have wives, husbands, or children, that will be grateful to receive on of the great cards.

As the person that signed up for the cards I sure didn't think that I would get them so quickly. I also thought the cards would be very ordinary. Kudos to your group, they have a knack for crafting. A very nice touch I didn't expect was the cards that are actually to a soldier. While reading over these a tear came to my eye. As soldiers we don't always hear about the programs that are available to us. We don't hear about the people back home that are so caring. It brings me joy to know that there are still people that care.

So, from the bottom of my heart, and my unit, THANK YOU for a job well done. Keep up the great work!!!

---SPC J.H.

Helping to boost morale

I just wanted to let you know that we received the box of cards. Safely.
They all look very delicate and great. Many thanks to those folks back
home who made this possible. I run the Morale Welfare and Recreation
here and everybody appreciates the great things that people back home
have to offer the troops in Afghanistan. Feel free to contact me if
there is anything we can do to show our appreciation to you all.

---Msgt R.I.

Amazing cards that are made with love...

THE BOX OF CARDS ARRIVED!!!!!!! I was so excited today when I went to
pick up mail and I saw this box!!!! I opened it up to see amazing cards
made with love! I sorted through and picked some out that I wanted and
the rest are being picked through by other soldiers in our unit!!! We
are all very thankful for the love and support you have shown! Thank you
so much!!!!

---Sgt K.C.

They are incredibly beautiful

Thank you so much for sending the box of handmade cards for the soldiers to use for Christmas. They are incredibly beautiful and I truly appreciate the time and effort that went into each one. I can't wait to send a few cards to family and friends for the holidays. Thanks so much for your support!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happened to keep the sticker on the back of one of the cards

This one is especially for those who wonder why we stamp the backs of the cards...what a great email!

I once came across a box of beautiful handmade cards while I was on this teeny tiny base called Ubaydi.  I browsed through and found all kinds of wonderful little cards I could send home to my family and friends.  Well, the cards are gone now, and I never went back to that little base.  I have wanted to find out how I could get cards sent to my unit here in Iraq, and until now I have put it off.  I happened to keep the sticker on the back of one of the cards and that is how I found the website and this email.  I am wanting to know how I can get cards sent to my unit, and possibly other units we work with.  I am in a Combat Stress Control Company and we see different soldiers every day.  We have a huge give away area that we put care package supplies on and the soldiers take what they need.  A particularly hot item are cards.  We had a few regular store bought cards last week, but they are ALL gone and I am hoping that your site will be able to help us out.  I am the person who manages all of the extra care packages and any sort of supply things my unit needs.  I absolutely loved the cards that I picked up a few months ago and would love to be a part of your cause.  I think it is a great thing to be doing.  I think when I get home from this deployment, I will try to make some of my own cards to donate.  By the way, my name is K.H. and I am  SPC with the 55th Medical Company.  Thank you for your time and support for us soldiers!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Emptied by the end of the day

Oh my God, these cards are fantastic. Thank you so much. These cards are going so fast and I would not be surprised if this box is emptied by the end of the day. I cannot begin to express how grateful we are for these cards. Each and every one is so beautiful, and is such a big help. You said to send an e-mail when our supply is running low, and it is. More would be greatly appreciated but it's so much more than you had to do in the first place. Thanks again!
WO1 D.R.

Morale goes up when we know others care

I just wanted to take a little time to let you know the box of Christmas cards has arrived and they were a HIT ! ! !   I am sure our contact will let you know how well they went, but as for me, I know they will be well received when I send them back for the holidays.  The detail and care that went into them is amazing.  Handmade cards are beautiful and show the care and concern people at home still feel for the troops.  Morale goes up when we know others care.

Msgt R.V.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We really appreciate the greeting cards

Just wanted you to know we really appreciate the greeting cards here in Kabul, Afghanistan.
The cards are simply beautiful, we here appreciate all of your support.
Thanks again!

Monday, November 16, 2009

So unique and so special!

Sandy and all those at Operation Write Home:

I can't say enough thanks for the AMAZING box of cards you sent! I'm soooo impressed! We often get care packages of candy or hygiene items, but your box of cards was so unique and so special! As a woman (and a crafty one at that) I might have been the most excited one here, but we have 600 Marines and Sailors here who also very much appreciate what you do! We have a few blank cards out here tosend home for occasions, but very few and most are very simple.

Things in Iraq are calming down and the Marines are winding down our mission here. We expect to be here at least a few more months, but then we'll shift our entire attention to Afghanistan. The desert has turned form blazing heat to chilly nights. Halloween was uneventful but I'm already looking forward to a nice Thanksgiing feast out here.

Thank you again for your support. We would be happy for any cards your group sends!

Semper Fi,
Lt N.C.

Going like snacks

The Cards are going like snacks so that's a good thing. Also yes can you send other themes too please!

Sgt S.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thanks for the cards!

This is the photo from the unit that sent us the flag shown at the end of the Veteran's Day Bloghop:

Thank you for the box of cards

Hey Sandy, How are you doing? My name is [M.]. I just want to say thank you for the box of cards and all that you do for the military. Just want to let you know that we are actually based out of Ft. Lewis
WA. I wasn't aware that there were military support groups located in WA. Well thanks again. I hope you are having a good evening.


Greatly improved morale

Thank you so much for the box you sent! Your care and generosity have greatly improved the morale of my Medics and the Soldiers we support. Due to the remote location of our Forward Operating Bases, our personal supplies are limited. It warms my heart and brings a smile to my face to see the smiles on the faces of our Soldiers as they receive the items they need. I pray for God's blessings for you and your family.

1Lt M.L. S.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just got a whole box of cards this morning

Email received by a cardmaker!

Hello, I am a Soldier in the 82nd Airborne Division and I received one of your cards here in Shindand, Afghanistan! :) It's great, I've never heard of operationwritehome but we just got a whole box of cards this morning ....... and everyone loves them! It's great to be able to write home or send a card to that special someone and cards are something that we definately don't have access to out here.

Thanks so much!

I know that a lot of work goes into making these things

Email received by a cardmaker!

I wanted to thank you personally for your thoughtfulness. My wife makes cards through Close to My Heart. I know that a lot of work goes into making these things. It is so nice in the age of the internet and email to get a real card, real mail. I think we ...have lost something with the internet sometimes. You'll be happy to know that all the cards have been used up in the Morale Welfare and Recreation hut (MWR). I am using one of your cards to send a thank you to a friend back home who sent me a package. I have decided to send some kind of 'snail mail' each day.

Thanks again,
Medical officer, Ubaydi, Iraq

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Always treasure them

I received several crafted cards from my husband while he was deployed last year.  I still have them and will always treasure them!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We love you here

I just want to thank you for all the cards that you sent. They really came in handy for the soldiers over here.  I think it would be great to see the seasons again. We are doing okay here. The weather  here is just starting to change and we are  happy.  It was really hot. Everyone enjoyed d the cards. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and don’t eat too much turkey and ham. Thank you again for thinking about us and we love you here.

These cards are making all the difference

We got some at our squadron here in Afghanistan. Just wanted to say thank you. I’ve been deployed before, and these cards are making all the difference this time around.

SSgt K.A.

Monday, November 9, 2009

You have helped to lift a lot of soldiers spirits

Thank you ever so much for the Christmas Cards it was wonderful.  I put them in the CP office so everyone could pick out the cards that they wanted.  Thank you ever so much and maybe in another month or two another box of the mixed cards would be great but everyone is okay at the moment.  Everyone was owwwwing and aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwing over the cards they are beautiful.  I really want to get into making cards when I get home they are wonderful  and so unique.  We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

I just wanted you to know that we had a moment of silence for the Soldiers on Fort Hood and it was a very tragic thing to happen and it saddens me deeply especially since he is a doctor who is supposed to be helping the soldier with their emotional problems and he tragically could not take care of his own and affected a lot of peoples lives and they will never be the same again.  I am so sorry that it happened.

I do want you to know that you have helped to lift a lot of soldiers spirits and helped them to lift their families spirits with the beautiful cards that you create from the heart.  We love the letters included and we each try to answer them.  I really want to thank you again and hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving.

Blessings to all of you

Friday, November 6, 2009

Always a big hit

Thank you for the cards, again! They are always a big hit. I let my company have first pick, of course. And I've been sharing them with another company that works here too. I'm probably going to take whats left over to our Battalion Headquarters to let the rest of the Battalion have some too.

As far as the quantity goes, I think that it is a good amount. The only thing would be that the holiday ones that don't get used in time might go to waste. Cause I really hope that we aren't here long enough to use them again! So I'd say maybe a little less on those. But overall they are much appreciated, and everyone over here thanks you a lot.

Thank you for your support!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gifted and talented artists

The new rotation of Soldiers arriving into Kosovo have all hit ground and are very busy prepping for the change of command ceremony 14NOV09.  Since I am extending for another rotation, I will be able to see the differences in the way two different command climates operate and also get to experience a Kosovo winter.  The new group of Soldiers are from 14 different states, most of which are from North Dakota.  When I show them the box of cards, I know every Soldier will be very appreciative of the hard work, commitment and support your wonderful organization has shown toward supporting troops overseas.

Thank you so very much for your hard work and dedication.  You have some very gifted and talented artists working with you Sandy.  If you would like to send another box of cards for the Valentine's / Easter holiday, that would be wonderful. 

Happy Holidays to you, your family, and your staff.

Strength and Honor,

1LT K. H. M.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Every ones eyes lit up

Just wanted to let you know that the box of Christmas cards you sent have arrived here at our unit in Iraq. Thank You! Every ones eyes lit up when I said that the cards arrived. I must say what beautiful cards they are! We all really appreciate all you do for us men and women who are deployed.
SrA E.R.

From a hero's Mom!

Two emails from a hero's Mom:
Good morning,

I spoke to my son last week, who is currently stationed in Iraq, and he asked me if I had received his greeting card, compliments of your wonderful organization, unfortunately I had to say no!

Well I got home that night and there were 2 beautiful cards waiting for me, one from my son and one from one of his battle buddies.

First, allow me to thank you for this wonderful gift that your organization not only gives to "Our Brave Soldiers" but also to their families.

My son, SPC P.T., is stationed in Camp Taji, and he said he may have recently been featured on your newsletter or website but I cannot find him and wondered if I have the correct website?

With sincere gratitude, D.T.

Second email, after we sent her to the photos blog posts:

Oh, how WONDERFUL, I found him.  There were 2 photos!  A hundred thanks.  I will look over your website and see what I CAN DO to help with such a worthwhile organization.   Sincerely, D.T.  :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

It was like Christmas!!!

I wanted to send a special thank-you to all the wonderful and creative folks
that so lovingly put the cards together. When the box arrived it was a lot
like Christmas as everyone gathered around to pick out a few perfect cards
to send to their loved ones. As the Soldiers would pick up a card and look
at the design and message it would cause them to think about a specific
individual in their life. I enjoyed hearing about so many wonderful people
and why "this" card was made for them. I just wanted you to know that your
groups love is now going to be passed to our loved ones who are patiently
awaiting our return.

--Maj. G.W.