Friday, October 16, 2009

You...make our job so much easier

From an email exchange with a hero requesting her first box of cards...

I went to work today and spoke to my CPT and she said that would be great and we could give some to some of the patients that we are seeing in our clinic as well.  I want to thank you guys so much for doing this for us..

 I was going to tell you about a dog and a LT and my sister.  Well,  if you are an animal lover this is a happy ending story.  We had a LT in our unit who asked a fellow LT from Fort X if they could take care of her dog while she was deployed.  She supplied all the food, had all her shots up to date all he medications were paid for and she had banfield vet insurance in case the dog needed anything else.  Her dog is an older dog so she basically needs to be walked and she sleeps a lot.( I want to be a dog.)  Anyway the person was also getting paid $250 dollars a month to keep her dog.  They emailed her and told her it was not enough they wanted a $100 dollars more.  She was very upset as she is a new LT and had other bills to pay and she wondered if this would continue the whole deployment.  So I called my sister who also lives in [city name removed] and works in a pet store if she new anyone who could watch the LT's dog until her roommate got back from deployment sometime in March.  My sister immediately made some phone calls found 3 people willing to take the dog and my sister went three days later got the dog and put her in a much better enviroment.  So my sister is my hero right now.

It is people like you on the home front that makes our job so much easier because it puts less stress on us.  So thank you so much for making these beautiful cards to share with our families and friends.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and  everyone is very excited and cannot wait til the first box arrives.

So thank you for all of your time and love that you put into these cards.


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