Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Letting our Heroes at Home know they care...

THANK YOU! I have received the cards! Thank you so much. I placed them at the entry way of our area that is the heart of operations. This way everyone will be able to write home. I have also put some in our Morale Welfare Recreation center. This center has a ping pong table, pool table, movies, video games, library and computers. It is the central point for all soldiers to go and relax, unwind from current operations. Thank you again! Everyone seems to LOVE THEM!! It is so wonderful to have your support. Time over here seems to move slow. Days are long, lonely and sometimes frustrating. These cards are a wonderful way for us to communicate home and let our heroes at home know we care. Your program is pretty much the only way for us to acquire cards. There is over 2,000 troops on FOB xxx. Would it be possible to receive Christmas Cards?

***Note from Shipper Fabre - she is on the list to receive Christmas cards!!!***

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