Sunday, October 4, 2009

I have been able to spread the "wealth" with my patients

A letter from a soldier...on one of our cards!

The content reads:
I can not thank you and your people enough! I have been putting all of your hard work and effort into good use. Not only do I have the soldiers in my command sending frequent mail home to their families and friends, I have been able to spread the "wealth" with my patients. You see I am a member of Task Force 14 MED. I work in a hospital here. I deal with sick and injured soldiers and U.S. contractors. I am a medic and am involved directly with their care. I have been able to bring a little joy to their misery by passing on the generous gifts and "hero mail" you wonderful people have donated. A smile and a kind word is sometimes the best medicine. Also I have been distributing these amazing cards throughout the hospital staff. They have had nothing but gracious things to say. So Thank You again.

Congrats on the new name "Operation Write Home" is a huge hit here!

Be sure to thank Cody for me, it means a lot a child of his age was thoughtful enough to help! Tell him all the "solgers" say Thank You too! I do believe at 5 Cody is more artisitc than I am at 29!

Thank you again...and please keep the amazing cards oming!



mommasiegfried said...

Thanks for shairng the letter- it makes me know I need to get up and make cards and write those anyhero letters! Thank you to that medic for sharing the letters and cards to keep their patients spirits up! They are truly a hero!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful card and letter. It just shows the little things we take for granted me so much to our troops.

Seongsook Duncan said...

Thanks so much for sharing the cheerful card and the letter from the soldier. This will inspire many of cardmakers to make more cards for sure and their family and friends to write more Any Hero letter. Thanks again.