Sunday, October 4, 2009

A good thing

Received your box of  handmade cards and notes, wanted to take a moment and thank you and all the women in your organization for remembering us. It's hard to find greeting cards here and when you do, there are so few to chose from you have to make it work, like take a Thank you card, scratch out the thank you and put in Happy Birthday. I put your cards in our orderly room and the troops always stop by and get one, as they walk by them they seem to remember someone's birthday, anniversary, etc and will fill in out  and put it in our outgoing mail box, so that's a good thing.

We are a National Guard unit from Delaware and will be here until April 2010,that's about all I can tell you, except we are doing convoy security missions.

Once again thank you and all the others for your support,and remembering us,it's people like you who make America great, not the big people but people like you and I. God Bless all of you, pray for us !! 


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