Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thank you sooo much for the letters

From a wife who asked for cards for her husband:

i just want to say thank you and to let you know that my husband got the box today and he is so exited he when around the base and give all the guy that don't have computers cards from his box for them to send home to there family's  and he keep some too and too thank you sooo much for the letters* that he got thanking them for being there for us thank you, thank you, we appreciated specially them 
a million thank yous from me and from my husband! nice job and keep theme comein!

*AnyHero letters!

Smiles are brought to family and friends' faces

Thank you so much for sending the cards. It is amazing that people take the time to create these beautiful cards and they turn out so wonderful. Smiles are brought to family and friends' faces just by pulling the card out, the message inside is just a bonus.

Thank you for all you do for the Soldiers, they are going to appreciate the box....

Have a wonderful day.

1SG M.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I could hear my sister's smile

From someone who just made a Paypal donation, in response to our thankyou note:

You're welcome. It's my pleasure. On Monday I received a card from my little sister who is stationed in Iraq with the US Army. The card was beautiful and looked handmade. It put a smile on my face and then I wondered where in the world my sister would have obtained such a beautiful handmade card to send...then I saw the stamp on the back for and another stamp "from New Hampshire with love." So I visited your website and was touched by the efforts of so many volunteers to create and ship these beautiful cards to our soldiers overseas. Since it put such a smile on my face to get such a card, and I could hear my sister's smile in her email when I wrote to thank her...I knew that other families must really appreciate this too, and I wanted to contribute. I have very little craft ability, and even less free time, so creating my own cards didn't seem like a likely option. But I was excited to be able to contribute in some tangible way toward the cost of envelopes and shipping...helping other people's beautiful cards get to their destination.

Thank you so much for what you're doing for our soldiers and their families.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Letting our Heroes at Home know they care...

THANK YOU! I have received the cards! Thank you so much. I placed them at the entry way of our area that is the heart of operations. This way everyone will be able to write home. I have also put some in our Morale Welfare Recreation center. This center has a ping pong table, pool table, movies, video games, library and computers. It is the central point for all soldiers to go and relax, unwind from current operations. Thank you again! Everyone seems to LOVE THEM!! It is so wonderful to have your support. Time over here seems to move slow. Days are long, lonely and sometimes frustrating. These cards are a wonderful way for us to communicate home and let our heroes at home know we care. Your program is pretty much the only way for us to acquire cards. There is over 2,000 troops on FOB xxx. Would it be possible to receive Christmas Cards?

***Note from Shipper Fabre - she is on the list to receive Christmas cards!!!***

Monday, October 26, 2009

The entire company loves them

Thank you , so so much for the cards.  The entire company loves them, we are all using them already.  They asked if I requested Christmas cards which I assured them I had.  I am an avid letter writer and am so grateful for your cards as I was running out of the ones I had brought with me.  Thank you ever so much and tell all of the participants that they are our heros and the cards are ever so beautiful.

Thank you again

Thank you again for the cards!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Through the cards in record time

We got a new group of soldier in last month and they went through the cards in record time. Would it be possible to send me 2 additional boxes of cards. If you can send one that is ok also. They will be thankful for whatever they get.
Maj J.S.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rainbow feast for our eyes

Thank you so very much for the wonderful cards!! [This card here was designed by us!] You are right about the colorful cards; they are truly a rainbow feast for our eyes.

All gone within days

Just wanted to let everyone know that we received our cards and the Halloween cards were a hit and they were all gone within days. 

The boxes are always gone so quickly, so I might have to up my count to the 300 mark.. we have about 400 people that work in our building but not all obviously are interested, (not sure why).

When we get a chance I will send a picture of us and our boxes of cards. Its hard though since we work in a secure area camera's are not allowed.

I did receive the box with fall and thanksgiving cards, but haven't put those out yet, will this week...

What I do is send an email to the building and all come a running.

Thank you so much for what you do, this is something I will have my daughter and I do once I get back in the swing of things back home and settle into my daily life again....

CW2 K.J.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Works of Art

What a beautiful box of greeting cards!!  Our squadron can’t thank you, and your organization, enough for taking time out of your busy schedules to create these Works of Art for us to send to our families.

We are all doing well and the temperatures have finally started to cool down!

We hope this finds you all happy, healthy and safe and again, thanks so much for your support it was deeply appreciated!

SMSgt C.M.I.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The news is spreading fast

Again a million thanks for the men & women of the XXX Expeditionary Fighter Squadron from Tucson, Arizona.  These cards are a tremendous hit here at Kandahar Air Field.  The news is spreading fast and the Airmen really appreciate what you have done.  I have another unit that I help and assist with on occasion, who have requested some of the cards.  I have shared what was left over but if you can provide some additional cards directly to the below address that would be awesome.
Msgt J.S.

[address deleted]

You...make our job so much easier

From an email exchange with a hero requesting her first box of cards...

I went to work today and spoke to my CPT and she said that would be great and we could give some to some of the patients that we are seeing in our clinic as well.  I want to thank you guys so much for doing this for us..

 I was going to tell you about a dog and a LT and my sister.  Well,  if you are an animal lover this is a happy ending story.  We had a LT in our unit who asked a fellow LT from Fort X if they could take care of her dog while she was deployed.  She supplied all the food, had all her shots up to date all he medications were paid for and she had banfield vet insurance in case the dog needed anything else.  Her dog is an older dog so she basically needs to be walked and she sleeps a lot.( I want to be a dog.)  Anyway the person was also getting paid $250 dollars a month to keep her dog.  They emailed her and told her it was not enough they wanted a $100 dollars more.  She was very upset as she is a new LT and had other bills to pay and she wondered if this would continue the whole deployment.  So I called my sister who also lives in [city name removed] and works in a pet store if she new anyone who could watch the LT's dog until her roommate got back from deployment sometime in March.  My sister immediately made some phone calls found 3 people willing to take the dog and my sister went three days later got the dog and put her in a much better enviroment.  So my sister is my hero right now.

It is people like you on the home front that makes our job so much easier because it puts less stress on us.  So thank you so much for making these beautiful cards to share with our families and friends.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and  everyone is very excited and cannot wait til the first box arrives.

So thank you for all of your time and love that you put into these cards.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Unique and Beautiful

This note was different, as it was not from one of our contacts that we send boxes to - just three heroes who loved the cards so much they took time out of their busy day to send a handwritten note to thank all our cardmakers...

"Thank you so much for the beautiful cards. They are so unique and beautiful. I along with some of my friends stopped by the USO tent at the xxx Air Base and picked out an assortment of cards. Just want to say thanks and let you know that they are much appreciated."


You guys really put your heart into it and it shows.

I got your BOX of cards today. I must say these are THE MOST BEAUTIFUL cards I've ever seen in my life. You guys really put your heart into it and it shows. We all love it. Simple thank you is not enough but thats all we can say. May God bless each one of you, especially you. You have no idea how much this means to us. Every card is unique and special made just for us. May you always walk in beauty and may God bring blessing to you and your family every single day.
Thank you.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Putting the Thank you cards to use immediately

Your box has arrived.  I'm personally thankful because I needed to send a b-day card to my Mom.  Thank you so much.  Everyone in the STP is grateful and we look forward to sharing cards with our families.  We are putting the Thank you cards to use immediately - the Army cooks made us a great dinner for the Navy Birthday (Oct 13).  X-mas and holiday cards would be great.  Our pic is enclosed. 
Again, thank you for supporting us here in Iraq. 
Take care, K.R.

Found one of your cards

We just arrived at Camp X and we found one of your cards at the TMC we work at.  We all think they are awesome.  We were wondering if we could order a box or two of your cards.  We would gladly pay for them.  Please let me know via email what the cost and we will gladly pay to have a box or two shipped over.

(And of course they're getting a box at no cost!)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We appreciate you guys!

I'm sorry it took me so long to respond. Ty for the card! I hope you guys like your "new home" [referring to our name change!] and have fun decorating it.

We just got back from the mission. Everything went well. We go back in 3 weeks. Wish me luck.
Plz keep in touch. We love the cards you sent our way. We appreciate you guys! All of you. And we love you.


PS Thanksgiving and Xmas are coming. Can we get some seasonal cards, as well as some "Love" kind. Guys say that their girlfriends and wifes are so impressed as well as quite a few husbands. God bless you all!

Never would have thought that a box of cards could be so awesome

I just recived a box of cards from you and just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for you kind gesture. I never would have thought that a box of cards could be so awesome. Thanks again.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

You made my day!

I would like to tell you that you made my day!  Thank you for what you do – I saw some handmade cards at the Rec tent and used them to send Halloween wishes to my four kids and husband.  Would you be able to send some to me so I could give then out to folks in my squadron?


Friday, October 9, 2009

These cards are like gold out here

Sandy + others,
I want to thank you for the cards.  These cards are like gold out here.  It is a great avenue for our Airmen to communicate back home with loved ones and friends.  My sincere thanks and gratitude.

Thanks a million,
MSgt J.S.

How nicely made they are and how appreciated they are

Thanks so much for the boxes of cards/snacks you have sent!  I still have many cards as the staff here is small, so I won't need a refill for some time.  The folks here do love the cards, however, and talk about
how nicely made they are and how appreciated they are.  There is a small community of us who celebrated the Jewish high holidays and I try to go to Shabbat services most Fridays.  I'm also trying to go the Embassy this weekend for a simchat torah service.

Thanks again for taking the time, energy and resources to support us here in Iraq!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Soldiers love them!

Just so you know we received the cards and the Soldiers love them! Thank you so much for all you do.

Just blown away

From the relative of a hero, posted on our Facebook fan page:

Just found out my husband's cousin got his first box of cards and was just blown away!!!! Thanks to all that you do for them and more. Hope to have my first batch out next week--two girls at home--takes me a little longer!!!!


A worthy and just cause

To the wonderful volunteers at Cards For Heroes:

Since 19 February 2009, I have been stationed at Camp X, Kosovo in support of the 10 year NATO peacekeeping mission that started in 2009. Working diligently to provide support to our fellow NATO allies and help the Kosovar people establish a strong economic base are the main objectives of
our mission.  I am so committed to this cause that I am extending for another tour and will  return home sometime in July 2010.

On a personal note, keeping family members back home connected to deployed Soldier's hearts, minds, and souls are just as important.  This is where Cards for Heroes shines.

Over the past several months, I have been sending your creative, loving, and inspirational cards to family and friends back home.  Several family members and friends have commented on the quality, care, and compassion they see in each handmade card and love receiving them.  Hopefully, they are contributing to your cause because I believe it is a worthy and just cause with which I am very proud of because of your compassion for free speech.

Thank you for your gifts of love.  I am sending another one of your cards to my wife today.

Strength and Honor,

1LT K.H.M.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It was such a great thing...

I would like to say thank you so much for the box of cards!! It was such a surprise when I opened the box. They are so amazing and such a great idea. I am sharing all the great cards with all my fellow troops, as we looked through we were thought it was such a great thing you did. My entire shop would like to say thank you for the support and thank you for all the great cards.

S.R.A. J.K.

It was such a great thing...

I would like to say thank you so much for the box of cards!! It was such a surprise when I opened the box. They are so amazing and such a great idea. I am sharing all the great cards with all my fellow troops, as we looked through we were thought it was such a great thing you did. My entire shop would like to say thank you for the support and thank you for all the great cards.

S.R.A. J.K.

Commendation from Afghanistan

*sniff* Our heroes treat us FAR too well! Look at what arrived in today's mail — another flag! Scroll down to see what the certificate and letter say.

For those who don't know our OWH kittehs, this is Tsuki, short for Tsukineko! She was feeling photogenic this evening and insisted on being a part of things....she's got one brother who prefers walking across open ink pads, and another who's a fanatic about doublefudgechocolatebrownie ice cream—but Tsuki's much more interested in sprawling on an open space and looking as lazy as possible. (For those who've been following IBOL on their blog and facebook: we have plenty of kittehs too, lol!)

The certificate reads:
This American flag was flown with honor over Afghanistan on 14 September 2009 aboard a VH-60M Blackhawk helicopter during Spartan Express Movement in support of OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM. 
Presented to Sandy Allnock, "Cards for Heroes:
From 10th Mountain Division - 101st Air Assault.
Let it be known that this American flag was flown in honor of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. It also displays America's resolve to defeat the terrorists who committed the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.
The card reads:

To all your volunteers: Thank you for helping us to stay in contact with our families and friends. Mission completed, we are now going back to our loved ones. Thank you for alll your support during OWF IX-X.

From the Soldiers of the TF Spartan Adam Cell

Monday, October 5, 2009

I had fun just looking at them all...

Thank you and all the kind folks at Operation Write Home. What a wonderful surprise when I opened your care package. All the cards were amazing. I want to thank everyone for all the time and creativity that went into each card. My guys were thrilled to have something to send home to loved ones. Everyone got a huge kick out of them. Perfect timing with all the adorable Halloween cards. I was surprised at how quickly the box became empty. I had fun just looking at them all. Most imporantly thank you all for your support and prayers. More cards would be greatly appreciated and put to good use. This is a terrific idea. Thank you again


Sunday, October 4, 2009

A good thing

Received your box of  handmade cards and notes, wanted to take a moment and thank you and all the women in your organization for remembering us. It's hard to find greeting cards here and when you do, there are so few to chose from you have to make it work, like take a Thank you card, scratch out the thank you and put in Happy Birthday. I put your cards in our orderly room and the troops always stop by and get one, as they walk by them they seem to remember someone's birthday, anniversary, etc and will fill in out  and put it in our outgoing mail box, so that's a good thing.

We are a National Guard unit from Delaware and will be here until April 2010,that's about all I can tell you, except we are doing convoy security missions.

Once again thank you and all the others for your support,and remembering us,it's people like you who make America great, not the big people but people like you and I. God Bless all of you, pray for us !! 


I have been able to spread the "wealth" with my patients

A letter from a soldier...on one of our cards!

The content reads:
I can not thank you and your people enough! I have been putting all of your hard work and effort into good use. Not only do I have the soldiers in my command sending frequent mail home to their families and friends, I have been able to spread the "wealth" with my patients. You see I am a member of Task Force 14 MED. I work in a hospital here. I deal with sick and injured soldiers and U.S. contractors. I am a medic and am involved directly with their care. I have been able to bring a little joy to their misery by passing on the generous gifts and "hero mail" you wonderful people have donated. A smile and a kind word is sometimes the best medicine. Also I have been distributing these amazing cards throughout the hospital staff. They have had nothing but gracious things to say. So Thank You again.

Congrats on the new name "Operation Write Home" is a huge hit here!

Be sure to thank Cody for me, it means a lot a child of his age was thoughtful enough to help! Tell him all the "solgers" say Thank You too! I do believe at 5 Cody is more artisitc than I am at 29!

Thank you again...and please keep the amazing cards oming!


Friday, October 2, 2009

Sending beautiful cards home...

Thank you for the beautiful handmade cards. My Soldiers loved them because they're able to send beautiful cards to their loved ones. I truly appreciate this program. Thank you and God bless you.

--CPT M.S.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Inspiring Hero Creativity

Thank you so much for the hand-made cards. That's what I like best about them is they are hand-made. I can see lots of time and effort was put into them. It is truly appreciated not just by myself but to my troops that took some to write home to their families. I am getting married next fall so the cards inspired me to make my own invitations. Thank you for your support and generosity.

--SGT G.J.

Just a word of thanks

Just a word of thanks to you and all those who provided such outstanding ministry to us.  We were truly blessed by your cards.  Soldiers were constantly coming and using them.  Thank you again for everything.

I will be redeploying in the next few days and wanted to let you know that I will not be receiving your cards but will remember your dedication and commitment to our Soldiers.

God bless you and continue what you are doing!
Ch J.B.