Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Greeting cards from Operation Write Home

On or about the 21 of September, I rec'd a box of greeting cards from Operation Write Home. Thank you so much for sending them to me. I must say, I have the BEST wife in the world. I would have never thought to find an organization like yours on my own. Truly she is an amazing woman. Perhaps that is why God blessed me with her. God knows I need the help and support that she has been to me. I'm so happy she contacted your organization. Again, thank you so much as you're going to make many of our soldiers smile. Our card selection in the post exchange isn't very good. We only have 4 sections to choose cards from and the good ones get taken right away. You and your supporters are  awesome and what a blessing you've become in making a difference to a soldiers life. Now I can send my wife a real Anniversary card and a real Birthday Card to my 2yr old son.

God Bless,
Chaplain (CPT) M.R.

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