Monday, September 7, 2009

Excerpted from a newsletter

Some of our units put out long and detailed newsletters (not publishable here), but here's an excerpt with some interesting tidbits! 

Q: Do you receive the mail that we are sending?
A: YES, and it is GREAT!  It takes approx. 2 weeks for the mail to arrive on our door step. 

Q: Is it still hot there?
A: Yes.  But it is starting to cool off a bit.  Most days are around 95 – 110 degrees with the night time dropping to about 85 to 90 at 8% humidity. 

Q: Are there any improvements to your FOB?
A: YES!  The coffee shop has been relocated closer to our building, the road has been completed all the way around the airfield (no more P.T. running in the dirt), all the LN shops have been moved closer for our shopping ease, and we are looking forward to a new education center sometime in October.

Q: Do you get any days off?
A: Kind of.  HQ Personnel, CO, XO and 1SG excluded are granted a “day off” on Sundays,  meaning that they are allotted to sleep in, wear PT’s all day and not technically show up to work unless needed.  They are extremely important to the Company and are needed a lot on their day off, but they usually get to go back to relaxing once they have “put out the fire”.  This allows for all of the Soldiers to attend Church, take care of personal matters, and get some well deserved rest. 

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