Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Write to your Loved One" Campaign

Things are moving fast around here! Latest update is that we now have a movie night at the Junkyard*...I have a projector a screen that we painted, AND a Popcorn machine! The coffee pots just arrived and we are getting our caffeine on a regular basis around here. The sign will be the cherry on top so please take a bow for your support. And please keep the cards coming, they are more than loved around here. My unit is having a "Write to your Loved One" campaign on Saturday and I am using these cards to support!! :)

Thanks so much Sandy and your Cards For Heroes!!
Very respectfully,

*This unit was sent a 4' x 7' banner (created, paid for, and shipped separately from our org) to support this chapel's effort at creating a center for everyone there to enjoy. They were sent a box of cards recently that will hopefully be there before next Saturday's event - as well as the banner! Fly, mailman, fly!

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