Friday, July 24, 2009

A sweet series of notes...

First came a paypal donation from an unknown name, and our response: "Thank you so very much for your donation - it means yet one more box of beautiful cards will be in the hands of our heroes!!!" And his response, which just took my breath away:

Actually, it means the cards made it to Iraq, one made it to my hands, and then the card made it half way around the world to my wife, who was duly impressed.

She had posted this beautiful card on her blog. Be sure to click the link above that the hero provided so you can read the story for yourself!

If you're the cardmaker for this one, please email us and let us know - we'd love to credit you on the photo!!

This is the note written by the husband as a comment on the blog, if you missed it when going to the link above.

I thought it was the most awesome one in the box! The group sent one of this GIANT flat-rate USPS boxes, just jammed full of all kinds of awesome cards — we were all like kids in the candy store, sifting through birthday cards, I love you cards, and so many other kinds. It was one of the neatest care packages I have seen in a long, long time.

Later another email came from the hero:

Love your program. I'd never heard of it, but it's stuck in my head now, for sure.

As an aside, I have to say -- I am duly impressed with the full-throttle approach of the group. Twitter? Facebook? Myspace? A blog? I think you all are hitting all the big ones! I think you are likely doing more to reach out and interact with your supporters, than most rock bands do.

And you get extra cool points for the creative commons licensing.

So, when does the iPhone app come out?

Anybody have a contact at Apple who can make us an iPhone app for cardmaking?? Maybe it can make!

One final note from the blogger, who we asked permission from to repost:

Of course you can put the card in your gallery and link to my blog too if you'd like. I have already gotten many lovely comments presumably from people who have read your tweets and FB post. I love letting folks know that not only is their work reaching soldiers, but they and their families really appreciate the cardmakers' hard work and wonderful creativity. :-)

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