Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Please keep them in your thoughts

From a deployed wife, links to pictures/stories about her deployed husband's unit:

Here are the latest links to pictures that were posted on the Washington Post of our guys.


I hope some of you get to see your husbands in these great pictures that were taken. I have been told that the photographer Nikki Khan left our guys a couple of days ago so that may be it as far as pictures go on Washington Post, but still check just in case.

A CNN reporter was embedded with our guys and Delta Co. for awhile. If you go to CNN.com, you will find numerous videos of our guys. There will be another reporter joining up with Charlie Company soon but I am not sure who or when. Just in case I'll start you off with one link and you can go from there.


Delta Company has suffered three casualties and a few injuries. Please keep them in your thoughts as well when you think of your own loved one. Here is a link from a the last memorial.


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