Sunday, July 5, 2009

One of the most fervent fans is my five year old

From an Army Chaplain in Iraq:

My team and I are so very happy for the cards we received. They have come to us like a gift from above. You ought to call yourself an angel. We are so humbly honored be the recipients of such great gift made with love across the United Stated just for us. The team have used the cards and shared with others here in Baghdad. Everyone that sees the cards are amazed and ask who did them. They are very thankful to have the cards and sometimes they comment that there is no excuse not to send one of these beautiful cards to make somebody smile back home.

One of the cards most fervent fans is my five year old daughter... not to mention all the brownie points I gained with my beloved wife. We thank you and cards for heroes so very much for what you are doing for us and for our families. Continue to bring smiles to every Soldier's heart.

Ohhh, almost forgot! The coffee from Soldiers Angels made yet another home run with everyone
- the coffee will keep us alert for a good long time.

I promise that we will continue to do our best and make you proud by protecting our beautiful people and bringing freedom to our most precious nation. May God bless you always!


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