Thursday, July 9, 2009

Grand opening of "The Area 51 Morale Center"

Excerpts from a long newsletter from a Soldier in Iraq:

Greetings everyone! It's July! Wow, time flies when you are in the desert. And I'm afraid I owe everyone an apology. I've been so swamped with work, I haven't been able to keep up. I'm sorry but my job requirements are increased and I am unable to send individual thank-you's to everyone. I don't want to stop what I'm doing, so I've had to find ways to make it less time consuming.

Instead of SPC P.H. I'm now SGT P.H. I know military addresses are kind of confusing. SPC is an abbreviation for the rank Specialist, and SGT is an abbreviation for the rank Sergeant. Yes, I've been promoted. In addition, my boss went on vacation and I've been in charge of the Communications shop since he's been gone. Sufficed to say, with my new rank and increased responsibilities, I haven't had much free time.

I am pleased to announce, that on the third of July, we had the grand opening of "The Area 51 Morale Center." With almost 45-50 soldiers in attendance it was quite the party. In addition to hamburgers, hot dogs, sodas and cake, we had music, a dominoes and spades tournament, and a Wii bowling tournament (all with prizes). Our morale table was well stocked with snacks, personal hygiene items, blank cards, powdered drink mix, and health care items.

I now have five wall lockers to store everything for Area 51. Two for food and snacks, one for games, one for hygiene/health items, and one to store the boxes of care packages that I distribute to soldiers. Once a month we will be having morale event at the center, similar to the one at the grand opening. I am pleased to announce that the Area 51 Morale center has been very well received, both by the soldiers it is serving, and my chain of command.

However, this event (and the entire morale center itself) would not have been possible without your help. On behalf of Headquarters Support Company I-Corps, I would like to offer you a most sincere thanks for your continued support.

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge some of the individuals and organizations that have instrumental in improving the morale in my unit:

* *[long list of donations, including:]

Cards for Heroes ( sent us a large box
beautiful handmade cards to mail to our loved one's back home.

* *

Thank you once again for your assistance and your time!

SGT P.H, Morale Coordinator

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