Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cards are awesome...hung in our little TV room area

First of all let me thank you for all your support, I am the Platoon Sergeant for 26 Soldiers and I wish you could see the faces of my men when we receive care packages from people like yourself, we always appreciate anything you send. And those cards are awesome, we loved them very much and some are even hung in our little TV room area.

Well the weather here has gotten really hot, the temperature normally hangs around the 90's, but overall everything is going very well for the platoon. We have been shooting a lot more lately which is good for us cause it keeps us busy and bad for the enemy because it keeps them scared and unwilling to operate within our area of operation. I sent you a great picture of one of my sections live firing at the enemy and you can even see the round coming out of the tube, the round weighs approximately 98 lbs. and the howitzer weighs 15,935 lbs, we sure deal with some big and heavy stuff, but the men throughout the platoon do a lot of physical fitness and we enjoy our job. Its funny how you mention whiffle ball because I was born and raised in Brooklyn and we played that all the time right on the block when I was a youngster. Here in FOB Boris we also BBQ every Friday. We have built a very good working relationship with our cooks in the chow hall so they give us some steaks, chicken, hotdogs and burgers and we BBQ every Friday. It’s kinda like our platoon thing on Friday’s cause we all always look forward to it. Well I’ll keep in touch and talk to you later.


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