Friday, June 19, 2009

They were a huge hit

From a Sailor in Iraq:

Thank you for the huge box of handmade cards. They were a huge hit as I passed them out to the Marines. Everyone took several to mail home to loved ones. The remaining cards will be distributed to the Marines and Sailors of my unit whom are serving throughout Al Anbar Province.

As I travel to visit the Marines and Sailors, it is great to be able to share items from back home with them. Half of my unit's personnel are spread over several large bases. The other half are on small outposts along the Iraqi border. These smaller outposts have no access to the creature comforts of those on the bigger bases. Care package items carry great meaning to them all.

Even though our batallion is thousands of miles from home; care packages and letters from home help with the distance. We appreciate your gift, your support, and your prayers!

LT C.M., Chaplain

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