Sunday, June 7, 2009

I admire and respect you

A comment left on this Hero Blog!!

Good Morning everyone, I am currently stationed on Al Asad, Iraq. THANKS so much for the wonderful cards!!! All of them are beautiful and I had a lot of trouble picking just a few. They were very expressive and the quality of work you all put into it was amazing. It is awesome citizens like you all who make what we do worthwhile. I admire and respect you for your dedication to us, generosity with your personal time and your ability to constantly put others before self. I am proud to have you as fellow American citizens and will do my best all the time to contribute to the greater good! I was very impressed with the quality of your work so to: Amy S, Leslie, Marissa and family, AW from TN, Jody, Katrina, ppaminpatti, D, Meaghan B, ST, Paula, Laura, Betty, Marge, MCK and all the other AWESOME volunteers, again THANK YOU! You have left a lasting impression on the Marines here at my Unit (3rd Battalion/3rd Marines) and we are very grateful for your hard work! Take Care

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