Monday, June 29, 2009

His “favorite” father’s day card

An excerpt of an email from the homefront!

My name is M.R. My husband is a Naval Officer currently deployed on IA to Iraq. I was able to travel the last 2 weeks to visit our families on the East Coast. My dad was so excited to show me his “favorite” father’s day card- a handmade card sent to him by my husband. My parents were sure that I had made it because before he left I had given my husband a big box of cards for various occasions that I made. This one wasn’t mine though.

When I talked to him about it, my husband told me that he had picked them up for free at the chapel and that there were lots of them there for the troops to choose from. I thought that it was such a nice thing to do. By the time I finally arrived home from our trip I had decided that I too could make cards to send. I found the site through google. I asked my husband but he wasn’t sure who supplied the cards at his base and said they didn’t have any marking on the back of them - and even if it is another group supplying cards there, seems to fit the bill for me.


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