Sunday, May 24, 2009

They went over so well!!

An email from a Guardsman (Guardswoman?) in Iraq; she'd been invited to view the hop, and happened to just receive her first box of cards on the day the hop began:

I actually just recieved a box of cards yesterday in the mail after I e-mailed you! They were beautiful! And they went over so well!! I walked around to each company in my battallion and let people look through to find some, and then left stacks of them in common areas so that as soldiers came in and out they could find some too! Everyone who was around as I walked through with them were so happy to look through and find ones to send home to their kids, spouses, etc. and it was great to see how excited everyone was! I'll have to take a camera around with me next time & send some pictures so you can all see the joy your group has brought!

I will be sure to check out the blog and try to leave a comment on there as well!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day & thanks a million!


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