Thursday, May 14, 2009

Please tell everyone "Thank You"

An email from an Army Chaplain in Iraq:

We received your cards and they are a great addition to the chapel in ministering to Soldiers. We have a card rack for Soldiers to pick from and we also go out and hand them out to Soldiers.

Yesterday, I had a Soldier who thanked me for the cards. He said that he couldn't find any decent ones at the store but found some in the chapel that his family really liked. So your cards are having a positive impact on our Soldiers. Please tell everyone "Thank You" on behalf of our Soldiers. They look forward to getting them.

The weather here is probably opposite to what you are used to in WA. It is in the 90s and climbing. Very little rain and vegetation. Mostly rocks and dirt.

We have several Soldiers from WA here with us.

Thanks again and God bless,

CH Boulware


The email that went back to him contained a link to this video—it has a special meaning to heroes from Washington who are missing home:


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