Monday, May 4, 2009

All they cared about . . .

An email from a soldier in Afghanistan, dated 04 May 09:

I have a hilarious story to share with you. I am from Tennessee and we just had several tornadoes run through middle Tennessee. The news was telling everyone to take cover. My two teenage daughters and two toddler sons went into a closet that is under our stairs (our safest place in our house). My Mom went in to check on them after the storm had passed and all four of them were asleep. She looked down and both girls had taken some important things with them (just in case the house blew away and that is all that survived) Both girls had their shoebox with all of your cards in them, their arms wrapped tightly around it. My oldest had her prom dress, prom shoes and prom jewelry also! I thought it was hilarious because they were convinced that the house was going to blow away and that is all they cared about. Too funny.

CW3 T.B.

What a touching testimony about what these cards mean to the families at home . . . the notes from Mom are a treasure to these little ones!

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