Friday, April 10, 2009

The troops love your cards, they are very creative!

Email from a soldier in Iraq, dated 10 April 09:

Things here are busy as ever! Which is a great thing, Easter is almost here, and your Easter cards that you sent us are pretty much depleted! As chaplain assistant, and it being Easter this is a very busy time of year! But it shows the Lord's love that nothing else could even come close to, so what an opportunity to make that light shine! My fiancé just got home, back in March. He is stationed at Ft. Hood, and we will wed, Nov. 14, 2009. I can't wait and I am couting down the days!!! Let's see I think it is 164 till we go home, and about 220 some till our wedding day, hahahaha no Im not counting!! He is also a chaplain assistant, which is how we met 5 years ago. It looked like you had quite a handful there yourself, with your little helpers!* They were adorable, I love dogs and cats!

The troops love your cards, they are very creative! If I could please request more of these cards from you all that would be wonderful! People are already asking for mothers day, fathers day and fourth of July cards...

Well, I hope all is well for you there at home, thank-you for bringing me and the other troops into your arms of care, it means so much to all of us!

Well, Have a great Easter, and God Bless.



*had sent her photos of shipper's pets "helping" sort cards!

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