Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Loved ones back home look for our letters and cards

From a soldier in Kuwait, dated 1 April 09:

I cannot express in words how much this box of handmade greeting cards blessed our soldiers. We are a battalion of about 400 - and these cards were swept up in about an hour. So many wonderful comments and appreciation for the styles, craftsmanship, and talents. Letter writing and sending cards has even become more important than email over here. We have gotten so computer compliant that the personal touch has disappeared. Being deployed gives a new perspective to staying in touch. Loved ones back home look for our letters and cards, expecting and waiting on the mail man again. For me - my eyes tear up when I see a handwritten letter or card from my fiancee - his handwriting is such a comfort. For that we thank you - without your help we couldn't afford to purchase the cards to send home, plus this gives us a variety to choose something special. Some are so pretty you just want to frame them!
God Bless -

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