Saturday, March 14, 2009

I appreciate anything that is made by hand

From a soldier in Iraq, dated 14 March 09:

Thank you so much for the greeting cards. I think it is a really good idea and they are so beautiful. I appreciate anything that is made by hand, because you know the person took the time and effort to make is especially for you. We are using them quickly to write our family members and to others who have sent packages and or letters of encouragement.

We’re still very busy with CLP (combat logistic patrol) missions and transporting patients just about every day or every other day. Recently, we’ve been getting sand storms and the rainy months have started.ICK!!!! I was out on a 12-day mission this past week and we drove through the sandstorms and by th end of the mission, we were all covered in dust. I was happy to get to a base where I could shower! On the mission we went to several places all around Iraq and we at one point almost ended up in Syria! It makes me feel how lucky I am to be an American when I see the locals and their way of life and the poverty level. I can’t even imagine having to live that lifestyle.

Thats all I have for now, we have some big wigs coming in for a few days this week so we have to make sure the place is looking spotless!

Thanks again!

Soldiers of Xth Medical Company

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