Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A thank you from a soldier

This is a note from a cardmaker who was inspired to send her own boxes of cards:

I ran across Cards for Heroes about a year ago, and have started sending cards to a friend of mine’s son, BJ (Army Troop). Well this year around June I started a Christmas Card challenge for the Troop, and my fellow scrappers helped me create some beautiful cards for 2 troops (1 army and 1 marine). Well today I received a thank you email from the Army troop, and wanted to share with all of you. It is because of Cards for Heroes that these packages was possible. Thanks again for inspiring me to do this.

The email from the solider:

Greetings Ms. Patty,

I do not even know how to start this letter. but I must say that I was very touched this evening when I received your package.

This week was an especially bad week and the weather here has not been great. However, this evening on the way to eat dinner, they let me know that I had a box. I was excited because with the holidays coming up and me being so far away from friends and family it really does make a difference in your life and attitude when some one cares enough to send you something. I saw your address on the package and it was like Christmas has arrived early here on the Army base.

How do I say thank you? I am not really sure a thank you is enough but I will explain what happened this morning.

This morning at chow I placed the box of cards on the morale table, (of course I had went thru every single one in the box and picked out a few(a lot) for myself) anyway I placed the box on the morale table and I swear you would have thought someone just put winning lottery tickets on the table. Mame, you should have seen their faces, it was like, well the only word that comes to mine is AWESOME.

To see what I saw this morning, think of yourself being at home and your boys walk into the living room on Christmas morning–you know how their faces light up. That is exactly what it looked like this morning, you and your scrapping ladies brought smiles and happiness from afar. As they were going thru the cards I remember some of what was said:

“Oh cool Christmas cards, just in time.”
“Wow, would you guys look at this?”
“Hey, would you look at the work in this card?”
“Someone sure spent a lot of time on this one.”
“Wow, BJ can I have this one?–It is perfect for my MOM?”

Ms. Patty, these are just some of the quotes that I was able to remember. I say many smiles and I swear every single person that walked thru stopped and looked and took a few cards for their loved ones. I think that 80% of the cards were gone within the first hour.

I recogize some of the names on the back of the cards and wished I could thank each and everyone of you ladies personally. However, I will leave that up to you. I did read and pick and look and aww at each one and even noticed a few my wonderful mother had made. She never forgets me.

In closing I would like you to thank you and all of your scrapping ladies for all of their love and support-it sure makes our job of serving the United States alot easier when we know that someone does support and care about us. Please let them know how many smiles were created today and ask each and everyone of them to continue to pray for us and our country.

Once again thank you,
United States Army

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