Thursday, November 13, 2008

Totally “wowed”

An email from a Marine in Iraq dated 13 Nov 08:

I just received your box today and was totally “wowed”. Those cards you make are extremely nice and very professional looking. You can definitely tell a lot of time is put into them. My wife loves handcrafted cards like that and I remember how much it was to actually buy them, we’re talking $4-$5 or so, as I’m sure you probably already know. It’s definitely appreciated. I picked out about 4 or 5 myself to send to friends and families. I wish we had these this past year. We arrived in January and will leave this upcoming February, I can’t wait. I miss my smart, caring & beautiful wife so much. I think these cards are plenty. I’m sure everyone will be quite amazed that we received such a quality item. God Bless those that care to send us things.

Well okay, back to work now. Take care . . . bless you and all your friends that participate in making those cards for us.


1stLt F.P.

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