Thursday, October 30, 2008

Always well received

Portions from an email from an Army Colonel in Iraq, dated 30 Oct 08:

… I wanted to make sure I said thank you to all of you that have so generously given your time and in many cases care packages to make this feel more like home. We’ve been here just over 13 months and should be rotating out 23 December enroute to Ft. [X] and our families.

For those who sent items for us to give to the families in Southern Iraq - thank you, it has made a difference in the lives of many. I whipped together two slides (see attached) with a few photos of some of the things we’ve been able to engage with.

Our mission has been Sustainment - in other words we provide the logistics and Armed Escorts throughout Southern Iraq for both U.S. Forces and our Coalition partners - read Polish, El Salvadorian, Bosnian, Georgian, Australian forces and many others. We have hundreds of trucks on the road every night. For security reasons I won’t go into all the details, but I will say - you can all be proud of what this Brigade has done since arriving early last Oct.

I’ve spent many days either on the road or flying from base to base. I was often gone for extended periods of time, but would almost always come back to a couple of packages and a box full of letters, flyers/cards.*

I don’t have a lot of personal needs so would usually have the boxes taken to the Chapel to be made available to all soldiers on our base. Many don’t have a lot of family members telling them they’re proud of them or a loved one who signed them up for on a site like (my wife did this) and your gifts and letters were always well received - passed around and shared.

When we could, we would try and at least send a thank you note to each of you. I apologize if you did not receive one. There were also many times a box would come in with many letters* (some of which had emails which I’m using today) and we would pass them out to soldiers.

Please know that over-all, we are making a difference here. We all want to be home with our loved ones, but rushing home before Iraqis are able to take over for themselves I believe would jeopardize everything we’ve done. They have come so far in the last year I am truly amazed, but they aren’t quite there yet - but soon. There are so many outside powers that want this to fail, it’s heart wrenching. The people we’ve met are for the most part not political nor are they terrorists. They just want a sense of normalcy for their families - and we want that too.


Col. M.B.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I love what you ladies are doing

An email from a soldier, dated 29 Oct 08:

Thank you for the email. Sadly to say we’re going to be here awhile at least for the holidays from my understanding. I don’t mind though because when I’m old and grey I can tell the story of how I was female in a war and what it was like for me.

I’ve gotten cards recently, they were so cute! They had a female witch on them, I sent one to my girls and a pumpkin card to my son. I love what you ladies are doing!!

Thank you so much for the support, have a great halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gone! Very quickly

An email from a Marine, dated 28 Oct 08:

My name is Cpl T.H. About a month ago, my Company received a box of handmade cards from your organization. These cards are so wonderful. In about a week, all the cards were gone. I work as a clerk in the Company Office. I am in contact with all the Marines of X Co/ Xth ESB. I put all the cards on the counter to have Marines send cards home to their family. Gone! Very quickly! I am requesting more cards to be sent. The kind we need most is Thank you cards and Holiday cards.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

We'd like to send you a heart-felt thanks

An email from a soldier in Iraq, dated 25 Oct 08:

Thank you again for the wonderful cards! We are well-stocked for Thanksgiving and Christmas cards.

We’d like to send you a heart-felt thanks from Camp X, as you and your organization are great Americans. Take care, God bless, and have agreat holiday season!


Friday, October 24, 2008

They were all excited

This is an email from someone who asked us to send a box of cards to her co-worker’s husband who is deployed.

Ohh, Holly came in today and told me Ivan got the box yesterday, he was so happy and they were all excited! I am so thankful for you and what you do. It’s such an awesome thing!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I would also like to thank Hallie

A snail-mail card from a soldier in Iraq, dated 23 Oct 08:

First and foremost, I want to thank you for all of the cards you sent. Believe me, they’ll be put to good use. It’s a wonderful gesture and all the troops and I greatly appreciate it.

I would also like to thank Hallie for the beautiful card she created. She’s the same age as my oldest daughter.

Well, God bless and take care. Keep up the good wor. You’re doing wonders. Thank you.

Those who follow the Homefront Blog will remember Hallie, who was one of our recent Featured stampers!! Here is a link to it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Soldiers came in droves

An email from a soldier in Kuwait, dated 21 Oct 08:

We (the Xth Transportation Battalion, also known as the “DOERS") received your second box of cards with Thanksgiving, kids b-day, and other great cards. Thank you!! As soon as word got out that another box of cards had arrived, the Soldiers came in droves. It was great to see. You would have loved to see it. Mail headed back home has been slow lately, so Soldiers are already sending Thanksgiving cards home. The Halloween cards that I sent to my daughters (age 2 and 4) arrived and they love them. My wife thought that they were absolutely beautiful.

I have included a picture of our battalion headquarters company during our convoy training in Kuwait, so you can see some of the faces that you are helping.

Thank you again for your gift and your generosity.

Have a great day!!

Thank you,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The cards will help with morale here

From a soldier in Iraq, dated 15 Oct 08:

Cards For Heroes,
I am First Sergeant XX and I just wanted to say thanks for the cards. We appreciate all that your group does; the cards will help with the morale here, because they are hard to come by here. I will put them in our MWR* tent where the guys come to watch football and relax. Again thank you.
PS Thanks for the hand written cards, they are great.**

*MWR is a Morale, Wellness, and Recreation Center; this can be a small tent (or a corner of one, as I’ve been told!) or a large room or tentspace with facilities (tv, games, etc).

**AnyHero cards

Today my kids received their cards in the mail

An email from Iraq, dated 15 Oct 08:

Hello and greetings from Iraq. I just wanted to take the time off to thank your organization for all the great work it has done.

Today my kids received their cards in the mail and my wife wrote me of how much joy it brought to their faces. Especially for my son Taylor today is his 8th birthday. Just knowing that his father sent them a card on his birthday meant the world to him and was probably the best present he could ever receive. It’s truly a blessing what your organization does… so please accept my thanks, from one hero to another. Please take care and God bless you and all the lives you touch.


I really appreciate that you took the time

A note from a hero who received an “AnyHero” letter…these do make such a difference!

I just wanted to thank you for the card. I really appreciate that you took the time to write this letter. Sometimes a simple letter like this can really brighten up a someones day, and make them feel a whole lot better. Well thank you once again and take care.

A1C E.G.

The cards are a big hit with the soldiers

An email from an Army Chaplain in Kuwait, dated 15 Oct 08:

I received a box of card from Shannon Fulkerson. I just sent her family a thank you card but I also wanted to thank you for your service. Hers was not the first box I received. The cards are a big hit with the Soldiers. Thank you for your ministry.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Thanks for what you're doing

An email request from a soldier in Iraq, dated 06 Oct 08:

I read your flyer online at I want you to know I’m very impressed with this organization and how your all supporting the HEROES in both Afghanistan & Iraq! I’m the Brigade CSM of about 4,000 Soldiers stationed on COB XX in southern Iraq and this will be our second Halloween and Thanksgiving we will be away from our families. Looks like most of us should make it home for Christmas, but some of the Soldiers will still remain or be replaced. I was wondering if I could get some of Holiday Cards sent to me in Iraq to distribute amongst my Soldiers to mail to their families and loved ones for the Holidays? Thanks for what you’re doing to support!
God Speed

Saturday, October 4, 2008

You have no idea what it means to us

A comment left on a cardmaker’s blog, dated 04 Oct 08:

Thank you so much for the cards. I am stationed in Kuwait, and just sent 2 of your beautiful cards to my daughters back home. What an amazing gift. I cannot thank you enough. You have no idea what this means to us. Your cards are amazing. Thank you again!


On behalf of the entire unit, I thank you

From a soldier in Kuwait dated 04 October 08:

Dear Home front Heroes,
My unit just received a box of cards from your organization, and all I can say is WOW! Thank you! I just sent two beautiful Halloween cards to my little girls back home. They will love them. Thank you for donating your time and talents. Nice cards are hard to come by out here, and yours are amazing. What a great idea, and what a great gift. On behalf of the entire unit, I thank you.