Tuesday, September 16, 2008

They are beyond thrilled

From a military wife featured during Hero Arts’ blog challenge a few weeks ago; her husband received a box of cards last week:

They are beyond thrilled with the cards. He said they went fast. He was excited to snag a few to send home to our kids. I can’t thank you enough.

Because of you sending those cards, my hubby found out that a few of his Sgt’s are scrapbooking and cardmaking when they have down time. He had no idea and told me because he KNEW I would enjoy hearing that. I emailed back and forth the last few days to find out that they had used up almost everything they brought with them and said they would be grateful for anything we could send over. ha! I have a small store in my basement so I am boxing up stuff left and right for them. She said it’s something to help them get through the days and to make them sorta forget where they are.

She took pictures of the box and the guys and gals grabbing the cards. She will most likely send you an email or even a real card to thank you. Her name is Sgt. XX. Her husband, also Sgt. XX is leaving next year to go to Afghanistan for a 15 month deployment.

Have a great one!

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