Friday, September 12, 2008

I am blown away by your talent

From a soldier in Qatar, dated 12 Sept 08:

Hello again! I want to publicly thank the ladies (and men, maybe) who hand-made these amazing cards and sent them to us. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate them, and we are all in awe of the talent you all have. I am referring to a bundle of maybe 150 cards we got specifically answering one of our requests, and each of these cards is hand crafted and many times more beautiful than anything you can buy. I cannot wait for the next occasion for card-sending! I cannot wait for my family to see these!! I am blown away by your talent, as are we all… It is truly a blessing to have everyone support us so much. I am just thrilled to know the country we serve has no problem showing it’s appreciation. You all are great :)

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