Saturday, July 5, 2008

Thanks again to you and all of your card makers

An email* from a contractor (former serviceman) in Iraq who has been sharing our cards with all the units near him - and has been faithfully sharing our written letters with service members who visit nearby Combat Support Hospitals (CSH or “Cash") and give them to the wounded warriors there:

Thanks for the most recent box of cards.

I gave Lt L.C. (who serves our great nation through the auspices of the XX Army National Guard) a packet of the cards to distribute to some of the soldiers in her unit. I also gave a packet to the CO of the unit to which I am attached, CPT J.M., and plan to give the third packet to the USMC FAST unit.

Thanks again to you and all of your card makers. I slip a few cards out for my use before I pass them on and my wife enjoys seeing the work of other stampers. I hope that during one of my visits home to XX we’re able to meet in person.

Thanks—and God Bless!


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