Saturday, June 14, 2008

My family appreciates what you do for us

What a great email we just received from a family at home! (If this doesn’t inspire you, what will?)

My daughter turned 12 the other day and unfortunately her father is in Afghanistan and was unable to share her special day with her. Today she received a box from him that included a beautiful handmade birthday card. Previously he had sent me a “love you” card that was also handmade. It was not until I turned the cards over and saw your organization’s name that I realized where he was finding these cards in the middle of Afghanistan!

I wanted to thank all those that are involved in your organization. I am a stamper/scrapbooker myself and I know the time and effort it takes to make these cards. My family appreciates what you do for us and all the other families with loved ones overseas. I know that being able to send these cards helps my husband feel more connected to us at home and helps take a little bit of the sting away from missing important events like birthdays.

Thanks you so much for all that you do!

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