Saturday, May 17, 2008

To Kuwait and back again

First email dated May 17, from Ohio cardmaker Deloris; be sure to read letter #2 as well!

I was looking through the Any website and found a National Guard unit from Ohio that is asking for stationary and envelopes to write home so I thought they would could use some cards. Can you add them to your mailing list for cards? From the count it appears the address has only been requested 8 times so they are not getting as much of a response as some of the other posts.

Since I am from Ohio, I thought I would try to help them with some care packages. I will be sending them snacks, books and a few other things from their wish list.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

We sent a box of cards to this Army National Guard unit in May, and received this letter bak from him:

I would like to thank you and everyone at Cards for Heroes for the beautiful cards you sent. Now, my platoon has a array of cards for every occasion. Until now, we had limited supply at our PX which would sell out on holidays.

Today we got this email from Deloris:

Thought I would share my CFH story. Last week I mailed a box of books, puzzles, candy and laundry supplies to this National Guard unit from Ohio that you had sent the cards to last month. Today in the mail I got the nicest thank you card from this SGT. He said he was thrilled to get a care package and to know that some one back home was thinking of them. Said it really made his day.

I showed the thank you card to my husband and noticed on the back it was stamped with Cards for Heroes. Made my day too! :0)

How amazing is that chain of mail? This is one great reason we try to either stamp or write Cards for on the backs of all cards whenever possible.

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