Monday, May 26, 2008

Thanks very much from the front lines

An email from a soldier in Iraq, dated 26 May 2008:

Hello from Iraq,

Just writing a quick thank you for the cards you recently sent to me and the soldiers out here. They were a big hit. Everyone was amazed at the quality and quantity of the cards. Thanks very much from the front lines!! We really appreciate the thought and talent that went into each and every one of them. Every one of your contributors did a great job.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

America stands behind those of us over here

From an Air National Guard unit in Afghanistan, dated 25 May 08:

Dear Friends,

We are writing on behalf of the men & women of the XXth Air Expeditionary Wing, C-130 Aircraft Maintenance Unit. We are here at Bagram Air Base in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. We have received your cards & letters, and are very thankful for each & every one of them. Though opinions may differ on the politics of war, one thing is for certain, that all of America stands behind those of us doing the job over here, and for that we are truly grateful!

From all of us here, THANK YOU!
S.M, SSgt, RI Air National Guard
B.M, SSgt, RI Air National Guard
J.D, TSgt, MD Air National Guard
K.S, TSgt, RI Air National Guard

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It is hard to find good cards here

From an Army chaplain in Kuwait, dated 21 May 2008:

Received the box of card today! Thank you so much! It is hard to find good cards here. Your gift will be much appreciated. As far as our needs, cards are a great need. If you would like to send cards around significant holidays that would be very helpful for Soldiers.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

To Kuwait and back again

First email dated May 17, from Ohio cardmaker Deloris; be sure to read letter #2 as well!

I was looking through the Any website and found a National Guard unit from Ohio that is asking for stationary and envelopes to write home so I thought they would could use some cards. Can you add them to your mailing list for cards? From the count it appears the address has only been requested 8 times so they are not getting as much of a response as some of the other posts.

Since I am from Ohio, I thought I would try to help them with some care packages. I will be sending them snacks, books and a few other things from their wish list.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

We sent a box of cards to this Army National Guard unit in May, and received this letter bak from him:

I would like to thank you and everyone at Cards for Heroes for the beautiful cards you sent. Now, my platoon has a array of cards for every occasion. Until now, we had limited supply at our PX which would sell out on holidays.

Today we got this email from Deloris:

Thought I would share my CFH story. Last week I mailed a box of books, puzzles, candy and laundry supplies to this National Guard unit from Ohio that you had sent the cards to last month. Today in the mail I got the nicest thank you card from this SGT. He said he was thrilled to get a care package and to know that some one back home was thinking of them. Said it really made his day.

I showed the thank you card to my husband and noticed on the back it was stamped with Cards for Heroes. Made my day too! :0)

How amazing is that chain of mail? This is one great reason we try to either stamp or write Cards for on the backs of all cards whenever possible.

Friday, May 9, 2008

I received a card from my soldier in Iraq

From a grateful mom:

I received a mother’s day card from my soldier serving in Iraq and noticed the Cards for Heroes on back and looked you up to see what you were about. I wanted to say thank you for all you do. I cannot help this month due to some unexpected set backs but I will soon.

Meaningful to service members and their families

An email from a cardmaker who’s also a military mom:

I saw the info about Cards for Heroes on the Internet. This is such a great idea!

My son served in Iraq several years ago, was injured in a mortar attack, then flown to Walter Reed for medical care; so I really appreciate what your group is doing on behalf of those who are serving their country. Your effort is very meaningful to the service members and their families.

I made some greeting cards and mailed them to you earlier this week and enclosed the suggested amount of postage. I’d appreciate it if you could let me know when you receive the envelope.

Thanks again for this thoughtful effort.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Marines are smiling and are so happy to receive cards

A note from a Marine, dated 07 May 08:

I really enjoy these cards. They are awesome. Thank you for putting my imagination to work. My Marines are smiling and are so happy to receive cards like these. Thank you!