Monday, April 28, 2008

Your cards were distributed throughout the Battalion

A letter from a soldier in Iraq, dated 28 April 08:

Dear Cards for Heroes Organization,
Thank you so much for the care package that you sent to the Soldiers of XX Brigade Support Battalion. There was much excitement as the package was opened! We distribute the various contents out of the packages we receive in order to boost the morale of our Soldiers. Your cards were distributed throughout the Battalion to include our mechanics, gunners, medics, truck drivers and staff sections. They were thrilled to receive all the wonderfully hand made cards that you had sent! It is through the support of our battalion serves as a great boost to the mental and emotional well being of our Soldiers. I am so thankful for Americans like you who appreciate the sacrifices these Soldiers make and your intentions on helping them through the deployment. Your support makes the separation from our families a little more bearable.

Our Battalion supports an Infantry Brigade operating in and around XX, Iraq.
When we arrived here back in 2005, there was a high level of insurgent activity in our area of operation. Since we took over in our sector, the insurgents have met a strong arm of American Military opposition, and gradually we have added the support of the Iraqi Army to our defense of the civilian population in this area. This deployment we have seen an increase of support for our Soldiers as the Iraqi people slowly begin to rebuild their lives. We are quite proud of the work our Soldiers do, making the work of the Infantry Soldiers possible. They move equipment such as ammunitition, food and supplies to outlying patrol bases, and have done a spectacular job of meeting the demands of a brigade that is always on the move. I’m glad to report that our Soldiers have done quite well these last few months here in Iraq. Much progress has been made, but there is still a lot to do. We continue to fight the good fight, as we help Iraqis secure their own future.

I am grateful for any prayers you might say on behalf of the Soldiers and families of XX BSB. I thank you for those you have already said, and those you continue to say each and every day of our deployment. It is through prayer that we are sustained, and through prayer that we will safely return home.

Battalion Chaplain Assistant

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