Monday, February 25, 2008

I am overwhelmed

An email from a soldier in Iraq, dated 25 Feb 08:

I am overwhelmed. The cards you sent were absolutely gorgeous. The beautiful craftsmanship awed all of us. The guys were even oohing and awing over the quality, texture and variety. That in itself sends accolades. There was a card for all of us; from the youngest soldier wanting something to send to his parents to the old, crusty first sergeant wanting something to send his gentle wife back home.

On a more personal note; I was dismayed just last week at the limited selection of cards available at the small post exchange (PX) here. My 12th wedding anniversary is almost here and since this is our first anniversary apart, I wanted to send something really nice. Now, I will be able to send something just perfect for my beloved husband. My three kids will definitely enjoy receiving such lovely cards too; especially my two girls who miss getting to do crafts at home with their Momma. I cannot say “Thank You” enough.

Services, such as your organization does, makes a Soldier feel pride in his/her country knowing that we serve a nation with such wonderful people in it. People who sacrifice their time and energy for us. From all of us here, especially the women, “THANK YOU". Your thoughts and actions mean the world to us.

With the deepest appreciation,
SSG C.C., Iraq

“The Bible will glorify the mind, guard the heart, lift the eye,
strengthen the hand,and guide the feet.”

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