Wednesday, January 16, 2008

These soldiers are the finest we’ve ever had

Portion of an email from a contractor (former military) in Iraq, dated 16 Jan 08:

Thanks so much for your email and please pardon my slow response. Time just flies when you’re having fun and I’m having a real blast out here…or I must be, because the days roll by so quickly.

If you have generic “wounded soldier” cards, send some of those, too. Our lay leader, Maj. B.R., frequently goes to the Combat Support Hospital (CSH, or “Cash”) to visit troops wounded in the line of duty. I’m sure she would like to take some cards from folks back home who support the soldiers and the mission. And I have to reiterate, these soldiers are the finest we’ve ever had when it comes to being trained, equipped, and having the right attitude. One of our members is a National Guardsman from Massachusetts who is making slightly less than he would at home but, because of the mission and the value of the experience for his career, wants to extend for a second year. Not the kind of story you’ll hear on CNN, though, is it?

I can probably distribute a couple of dozen cards—as you no doubt noticed I have a preferred stationery which I use for [my own] correspondence. I use a fountain pen and one has to match paper to pen nib (tip) to insure the proper flow of ink from the pen to the paper. Use the wrong nib with an absorbent paper and you’ll have big splotches of ink all over! If I need more, I’ll send you another email.

Thanks again for your support and best of everything to you and yours.

K.M., Iraq

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