Monday, January 28, 2008

On the table was a huge box

An email dated 28 Jan 08, from the wife of a soldier (she is also one of our cardmakers); she is in Italy, and her husband is somewhere in a remote place in Iraq:

…my husband is in the military and spends lots of time down range. These soldiers really appreciate the cards. Just this morning I got an e-mail from him telling me he has been in Iraq, and due to security reasons I do not know where, but I know it is out of the “Green Zone.”

He was in a day room and on a table was a huge box, full of cards marked “CARDS FOR HEROES.” Someone got hold of the cards and brought them in. He asked around and no one is claiming responsiblity for bringing them.

They are being sent to the most remote locations. He saw 2 soldiers sitting at a table writing cards, and they were so excited to have them. He says to tell my “friends” THANK - YOU !!!
D.S., Italy

From all the cardmakers to you, your husband, and all our new “friends” stationed in those remote locations - you are MORE than welcome!

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