Monday, November 5, 2007

Everyone knew I got another package from you

A letter from an airman in Afghanistan dated 05 Nov 07:

Thank you so very much for the cards. Before I could even open the box I had people coming to me for more cards! I don’t always get to my mail right away so everyone knew I got another package from you. It is amazing like you said that all these wonderful women out there are spreading their creativity all the way to Afghanistan.

The Px (which is like a Walmart but only for military) just started bringing the Christmas items out. I told everyone I work with that you’ll be sending some more cards so don’t bother buying the ones out there. We have plenty of people here to use up whatever you send! I’m in a group of 5 individuals, but there are about 75 more cops here also, just doing a different job than me. I’m also part of a group over here that involves all the staff sergeants and tech sergeants throughout the entire Air Force Camp that we are in. So needless to say there are 100s that I can get these cards out to.

With being in the military you never really get a chance to be creative. That’s why I like volunteering for the Holiday committees. It gives me the chance to show everyone what I’m capable of, other than shooting a gun!

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