Friday, October 5, 2007

Thanx to you

A letter from a soldier in the US Army in Iraq dated 05 Oct 07:

Oh my goodness, thank you so very much for the cards! They are beautiful!!! They really made my day. I wish I was so talented. I love doing stuff like that and scrapbooking,but I never have had anyone really help me out or show me how to do it so beautifully. :D I’m assuming you can use the same kinds of stuff for scrapbooking, right? Where do you get it?

Yes, I would love some Christmas cards!! I would gladly send you money too! I don’t expect you to do that for us for nothing! I have to confess, I am the only female in my squad. However, my fellow female soldiers loved them too. The day to day chaos of this place really makes you appreciate the smallest things in life…like spending Halloween with my nephew. But I won’t get to do that cuz I’m here, but thanx to you I can send him a card letting him know I miss him and I hope he has fun!

Well I suppose I should go…thank you again, take care, and keep in touch!
—J.H., Iraq

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